Updates from Lviv

1. Implementation of the REHAB project at Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Boberskyj https://www.ldufk.edu.ua/ka2new/articles/rehabimplementation.html in UA and EN

2. PT and OT Master’s students’ feedback on REHAB Winter School / Відгуки студентів магістратури факультету ФТ та ЕТ про Зимову Школу REHAB https://www.ldufk.edu.ua/ka2new/articles/winterrahabstud.html in UA and students presentation : Dissemination of REHAB Winter School experience at LSUPC by Master’s Students https://www.ldufk.edu.ua/files/Erasmus/rulepresproekt1_7.pdf in UA

3. Here is link PT Mini-library within the framework of REHAB project https://www.ldufk.edu.ua/ka2new/articles/minibookfrrehab.html
in UA and EN