About Us!

Rehab Project is based in a consortium of universities with a strong experience with multinational projects. The Latvian Academy of Sport Education, as coordinator, will be in charge of logistic, administrative and financial issues concerning the course in cooperation with all the partners; European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity, Pilsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Faculty of Rehabilitation (Poland), Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Lithuanian Sports University (Lithuania). The Ukrainian Partners include; National University of Ukraine on Physical Education and Sport (Ukraine), I.Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University (Ukraine), Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Bobersky (Ukraine), SUMY State University (Ukraine), Testing Board (Ukraine). Concerning contractual issues the consortium will be based on The Partnership agreement among all parties. The Partnership agreement will specify or supplement binding commitments among themselves in addition to the provisions of the Project Contract. The Partnership Agreement will be based upon the DESCA model Partnership Agreement available at http://www.desca-2020.eu/

In order to ensure the highest quality of all project documentation, mainly deliverables, a clearly structured deliverable process will be established. For quality assurance, this will include two peer review steps, first involving an internal peer reviewer who is not involved in the respective WP and second a formal approval from a PSC member. There will be extra care with financial matters, such as the effective collection of all proofs of payment and other documentation such as boarding passes, in order to ensure control of the whole process.

The project coordinator, in cooperation with the PSC members, will prepare Quarterly Management Reports (QMR) that will include the status of each WP and task, deliverables and milestones, and details of achievements, issues occurred, delays and changes to the plan, and resources used. The QMRs will be based on progress reports provided by WP leaders. The QMR will provide a suitable framework for progress evaluation and facilitates the compilation of the Annual Project Reports and the Final Report by the project coordinator.

Contact Project Applicant:

Prof. Aija Klavina, Ph.D. email: aija.klavina@lspa.lv
Latvian Academy of Sport Education
Dept of Sport Medicine, Physiotherapy and Adapted Physical Activity