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Latvian Academy of Sport Education

The Latvian Academy of Sport Education (LASE) is the higher education institution in Latvia offering undergraduate and graduate study programs in sport science and health care. While the size wise it is not a large institution (about 1430 students), the number of students has slightly increased during last few years.

LASE has nine Research Laboratories offering possibilities in movement and physiological research. Professors and researchers at the Department of Physiotherapy and Sport Medicine have more than 10 years research experience in adapted physical activity programs . The LASE has close collaboration with a about 40 health care clinics and education settings across the country. The LASE been coordinating and participating in more than 20 research and education projects on 2018.

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Jozef Pilsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Faculty of Rehabilitation

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The Faculty of Rehabilitation of the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw was established as the first in Poland already in 1984. The last 30 years are a period of dynamic development of economic and educational as well as scientific activity.

We cooperate with international organizations, among others European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE) and the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCTP), as well as with leading health institutions and eminent specialists in physiotherapy and medicine.
The rise of the Faculty of Rehabilitation was a consequence of the development of specialization in rehabilitation at the University, and is connected with the initiative and activity of prof. Marian Weiss, at that time director of a hospital in Konstancin. Thanks to his initiative the University of Physical Education students could acquire practical rehabilitation skills. The first graduates of movement therapy left the University in 1954. In this way, the history of physiotherapy at the University of Physical Education in Warsaw is already 60 years old.
Nowadays, the Faculty is one of the best academic centres for physiotherapists of the first and second degree programs. Competition for the credit book is one of the highest in Poland (about 6 people / 1st place). The uniqueness of rehabilitation training is based primarily on the use of movement in the therapy process, as well as therapeutic recreation, adaptive physical activity and disability sport. By adding to the above the psychosocial aspects of rehabilitation, bioethics and sexual rehabilitation important for people with disability, we create a modern image of a graduate. The specificity of such preparation of future physiotherapists is unique among all physiotherapy schools in Poland. In this way, the Faculty of Rehabilitation keeps carrying the message of the initiators of the Polish rehabilitation school, Wiktor Dega and Marian Weiss.
Staff of specialists and cooperation with leading hospital units and rehabilitation departments ensures high level of education. Thanks to that, the physiotherapy graduates have the knowledge and skills to plan, carry out and control the rehabilitation process carried out by specialized health services, the rehabilitation of people with disability, children and adolescents, adults and elderly. They can perform functional diagnostic tests to control the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process. They are prepared to conduct research and to work in research teams, lead the therapeutic team, organize and manage physiotherapeutic institutions, carry out professional training in basic physiotherapeutic procedures and teaching vocational subjects. Through their versatility they are competitive on the labour market.
In the academic year of 2011/2012, the Faculty started teaching first nursing students within the “”Nursing AWF-Medicover. European Professional Standard “” project, in cooperation with the non-public sector – Medicover sp.zo.o. Cooperation in this field also includes scientific and research activities.
ERASMUS+ international students and staff exchange program is very popular at our Faculty. Our students by visiting the universities of the European Union countries learn the latest updates of modern rehabilitation.
The Faculty organizes periodical, technical scientific conferences; among others international scientific conferences “” International Conference Prof. Andrzej Seyfried Physiotherapy’s Ideas “”, „Theory and Practice of Adapted Physical Activity”” or “”Forum of Scoliosis Practitioners “”, which is very popular among the practitioners.
Faculty employees hold many prestigious and responsible roles in academic and didactic organizations. Among others, the national consultant in the field of sexology is prof. Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, while the regional consultant in physiotherapy is dr. Grażyna Brzuszkiewicz-Kuźmicka. Dr. Piotr Czyżewski represents the Faculty in the European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education (ENPHE), which has a significant impact on the improvement of education programs to meet the European needs. Member of the Central Commission for Degrees and Academic Titles is prof. Andrzej Wit, and experts of the National Science Centre are prof. Marek Kowalczyk, Andrzej Wit and Małgorzata Łukowicz. Our representative in the Polish Rectors Foundation is prof. Alicja Przyłuska-Fiszer. Prof. Bartosz Molik, the award-winning “”Young Professional Award”” awarded by the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity in 2013, is a membe of the Classification Commission of the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation.
The Rehabilitation Faculty is one of the strongest research centres in Poland where, among others, research projects of the National Science Centre are conducted. The subject of the projects is directly related to the process of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

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Satakunta University of Applied Sciences

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SAMK, is an internationally oriented public non-profit higher education institution in west Finland.

SAMK has 4 faculties with 350 staff members and it provides Bachelor’s and Master’s degree-level studies. SAMK offers altogether 30 degree programs (21 in Finnish, 9 in English) for approximately 6,000 students annually. 1000 Degrees are awarded annually and over 17,500 in total during the history of the current organization.
SAMK’s profile is based on the needs of the area and SAMK focuses on education, research, innovation and development activities, which support industrial restructuring. Satakunta area has a versatile economic and industrial structure. Therefore, SAMK has to provide research and comprehensive study programmes in technology, business and administration and social and health care even in the future.
Health and Welfare faculty offers Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree level education in Social and Health Services and Fine Arts. The faculty was the first to begin offering the Human Ageing and Elderly Services degree and also offers the only English-language Physiotherapy degree in the Nordic countries. The faculty is responsible for developing the aging services specialization, has strong expertise in accessibility and runs the learning centre Soteekki and new simulation centre. ” The role of the rehabilitation education at SAMK is to provide expertise in relation to both bachelor and masters level curriculum development in rehabilitation including physiotherapy. SAMK representatives can provide experience of competence-based curriculum design and to the design of student-centred learning approaches including the use of online learning technology. A third area of strength is the strong experience of integrating working-life and education manifested e.g. in the teaching of adapted physical activity. The strong international profile of the rehabilitation programs will be useful in the partnership and project implementation.

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European Federation of Adapted Physical Activity


EUFAPA is a European organization concerned with promotion and dissemination of experiences, results and findings in the fields of adapted physical activity and sport science, and their practical application to the benefit of individuals across the life span.

Fundamental purposes of EUFAPA are:
* Encourage European cooperation in the field of physical activity to the benefit of individuals of all abilities.
* Promote, stimulate, and coordinate scientific research and experiences in the field of Adapted Physical Activity (APA) throughout Europe, and to support the application of research results in various areas of professional practice such as education, adaptation, inclusion, coaching, leisure, recreation, and rehabilitation.
* Make scientific knowledge of adapted physical activity and practical experiences available to all interested national and international organizations and institutions.

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Lithuanian Sports University

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