REHAB online training

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, the REHAB project continues with a online training series. This page has details of the training programmes.

1Geriatric and Non-Communicable DiseasesLASE
April 2021Teachers and students
2Breast cancer RehabilitationSAMK
May 2021Teachers and students
3Physical therapy for disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Physical therapy for hip arthroplasty. Prevention. Purpose, goals and objectives in the preparation of rehabilitation programs. (Sample rehabilitation program). (Orthopedics and traumatology).SAMKMay 2021Teachers and students
4Clinical rehabilitation management (CRM) in autism spectrum disorders in children
 Physical exercise program for children with ASD
September 2021Teachers and students
5Physical therapy for myocardial infarction at the hospital, outpatient and sanatorium-resort stages of rehabilitationSAMKSeptember 2021Teachers
6Ergonomics of a physical therapist
Assistive aids in supporting functioning
SAMKSeptember 2021Teachers and students
7Cardiorehabilitation. PT in cardiac rehabilitation of persons with chronic heart failure
Physical therapy for chest trauma, accompanied by slaughter of the lungs and heart with the formation of hemo- and pneumothorax.
WARSAWOctober 2021Teachers
8Physical therapy of patients who underwent arthroscopic intervention on the shoulder joint for adhesive capsulitis.WARSAWOctober 2021Teachers
9Standardization of methods for assessing functions according to the International Classification of Functioning (ICF), as one of the elements of evidence in rehabilitationLASE
November 2021Teachers
10TBD Physical therapy in spinal cord injury, autonomic dysfunctionLSUDecember 2021Teachers
11TBD pulmonary system topicLSUJanuary 2022Teachers