Project Activities

LASEJanuary 2019Rehab Project Launch
AWFMay 2019Academic: Competency requirements and curricula
PT: Observation of clinical training
LSU21-26 Oct 2019Academic: Teaching methodology. PT topics: Basics of Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Evidence-based Methods of PT, PT in Geriatrics
TB20-21 Nov 2019Academic: Development of national assessment instruments
NUUPES22 Nov 2019Monitoring visit
NUUPES24-29 Feb 2020Winter School
SAMK10-16 May 2020Summer School: Intensive study week and REHAB project meeting and training
Ternopil14-18 Sept 2020Autumn School: Workshop on PT teaching for faculty members of Partner and Non-partner Universities 
LASE23-28 Nov 2020Academic: Teaching methodology

LASE – Riga, AWF – Warsaw, LSU – Kaunas, TB – Kyiv, NUUPES – Kyiv, SAMK – Pori

Online Teaching Activities April 2022 – November 2022

1Rehabilitation (habilitation) during the war.LASE (P1)/ EUFAPA (P9)MAY-NOVEMBER, 2022
2Acute military rehabilitation (positioning in bomb shelters and basements with limited therapy sources)LASE (P1)/ EUFAPA (P9)MAY-NOVEMBER, 2022
3Transfer of patients with war injuries (for example, how to communicate with rehab team members about the patients’ conditions while transferring to different location)LASE (P1)/ EUFAPA (P9)MAY-NOVEMBER, 2022
4Physical therapy for combat injuries of the upper and lower limbsNUUPES (P2)28 September,
5Assessment algorithm for patients with neck pain (after combat injuries)NUUPES (P2)20 October, 
6The main principles of physical therapy of patients with injuries resulting due to combatNUUPES (P2)27 September, 2022
7Complications after amputation of the lower limbs due to a mine-explosive injuryNUUPES (P2)27 September, 2022
8Experience in preparing, conducting and evaluating practical tasks of OSCELSUPC (P4)21 July, 2022
9Analysis of KROK2 issues, common mistakes, question limitations and ways to improveLSUPC (P4)04 August,, 2022
10The practice of organizing physical therapy for injured and wounded during hostilitiesLSUPC (P4)September, 2022
11Organization of medical and rehabilitation care for victims during their mass admission to the hospital in the war and psychological support of patients and their familiesTNMU (P5)22 JUNE, 2022
12Early rehabilitation of victims with combat trauma to the cranium and brainSSU (P6)12 July, 2022
13Early rehabilitation of victims of combat trauma of the peripheral nervous systemSSU (P6)12 August, 2022
14Clinical case: “Webinar ”Mechanotherapy for combat spinal cord injuries”SSU (P6)26 August, 2022
15Psychological support for patients and their families during the warSSU (P6)22 August, 2022
16Physiotherapy after war injuriesAWF (P7)03.11.2022
17Transfer of patients with SCI/wheelchair users – elements of active rehabilitationAWF (P7)30.09.2022
18Communication with patients in acute care (psychological support)AWF (P7)1. 28.10.2022
2. 31.10.2022 13:30-15:00
3. 4.11.2022
19Psychosomatic pt: Body-mind connection (stress feelings: fear, anxiety, quilt, sorrow) PTSD and physiotherapy (pain and treatment perspective) Body-mind connection and self-controlLSU (P8)SEPTEMBER, 2022
20Adapted physical activities for persons with disabilities after war injuriesLSU (P8)SEPTEMBER, 2022
21Physiotherapy in Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderSAMK (P10)11th of November 12:30-15
22Developmental milestones and physiotherapy for premature babySAMK (P10)7th of November 9:30-12
23Providing rehabilitation assistance in conditions of limited opportunities during  the wartimeTNMU (P5)30 August, 2022