Presentation of the REHAB project to the future students of the master degree program of specialty physical therapy, ergotherapy

On mid-June 2019, members of the working group, namely the Vice-rector on scientific affairs and external relations Andrii Vovkanych, associate professors of the Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy Department – Oksana Tyravska and Olha Bass, lead expert of International office Mariana Babich presented the EU Erasmus+ Project “Innovative Rehabilitation Education – Implementation of New Master degree Programs in Ukraine (REHAB)” for future students of specialty 227- physical therapy and ergotherapy at Lviv State university of Physical Culture named after Ivan Boberskyj.
Project Coordinator at Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Boberskyj, Andrii Vovkanych, took the introductory speech, told the future students about the goals, purpose, objectives of the project, about the opportunities open to students within this project and the prospects for the development of the university.
Working group member Mariana Babych told more detailed information about the project:
– presented the Chief Project Coordinator, Project Coordinator from Ukraine, as well as all project partners, both Ukrainian and European.
– project activities
– plan for the first year
– possibility of students training abroad within the framework of the project
– expected outcomes.
Working group member Oksana Tyravska presented a list of equipment that plans to be purchased for training rooms and a practical laboratory.
Olga Bass, a member of the working group, presented the internship that the teachers attended as part of the 2nd International Meeting at the the Jozef Pilsudsky University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland.
It was very nice that the young people who attended the presentation were actively involved in the following: project goals; tasks; opportunities for students to open for them under this project; supported our experts on the proposed equipment list. They were actively interested in opening a practical laboratory and new training classrooms. They also listened with interest to the practical training block on physical rehabilitation in Poland. Again the future students convinced that the teachers of Physical Therapy and Ergotherapy Faculty of Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Boberskyj constantly raise their level of professional qualification.

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