Physiotherapy education standards – leading topic of the second REHAB project meeting

May 20-26 the second REHAB project meeting was organized by the project partner in Poland, the Faculty of Rehabilitation of the Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw. The main topic of this meeting was the content of physiotherapy study programs. Partner country representatives presented their needs for teaching equipment while participants of the program country provided their feedback and suggestions. Maija Kangasperko, representative of the project partner in Finland (SAMK) and executive board member of the ENPHE (European Network in Physiotherapy in Higher Education) provided important information on a professional competencies list that has been published, including ESCO (European Skills, competences, qualifications and occupations of the European commission) with definitions for roles and the competencies:

Physiotherapists Assistants (pre-higher education) – EQF 5

Physiotherapists (Bachelor) – EQF 6

Advanced Physiotherapists (Master) – EQF 7

The analytic report on PT studies was discussed to explore detailed insight in study programs of program countries. Participants from Ukraine had extended meeting program including study visits to health centers and hospitals where physiotherapy students from the AWF are practicing.

Next project meeting will be held at the Lithuanian Sport University in Kaunas (Lithuania), October, 2019.

A report from Lviv University 1.This is link about first two day meeting in WArsaw (administrative