Sumy State University Rehab Lab

The opening of laboratories took place on 11th March on the base of the
Department of physical therapy, ergotherapy and sports medicine is situated in the University сlinic of Sumy State University. Physical rehabilitation laboratories were created under support of the project of EU Erasmus + programme “Innovative rehabilitation education – implementation of new master programs in Ukraine (REHAB)”.
Laboratories’ equipment will prompt in increasing quality level of physical therapy higher education (European Network of Physiotherapy in Higher Education).

While studying future physical therapists will be able to acquire professional and practical skills using specialized equipment for rehabilitation of children and adults with movement disorders.

Research&study laboratory of bio-rehabilitation involves stabilized platform Tymo in order to provide functional diagnostics of movement disorders and rehabilitation. Due to special sensors and high quality of obtained results proceeding stabilized platform allows to vary therapy programs for physical therapy and define progress of patient’s rehabilitation.

THERA-Trainer tigo therapeutic trainer is equipped with a training laboratory for the correction of motor disorders. This device is designed to improve the mobility of people with reduced mobility and allows active and passive therapy programs for both upper and lower extremities.
The educational research laboratory for pediatric physical therapy is equipped with tables for Bobat and Voit-therapy. The main task of the techniques is developing motor skills that are appropriate for the child’s age.

The physical rehabilitation laboratory is equipped with fitments for the
rehabilitation of neurological and orthopedic patients. It is possible to implement the methods of hanging therapy, kinesiotherapy, etc. The equipment improves coordination and body balance, strength and endurance of muscles, which helps to restore and/or enhance the motor capabilities of the patient.
On 11th March the first training sessions for students of the specialty Physical Therapy tool place in the laboratory of physical rehabilitation.


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