TNMU Students have been Recognised by the Professional Association of Masseurs of Ukraine

The finals of the National Massage Competition of the Open Massage Contest “Capital Cup” took place on October 20-21, 2020 in Kyiv. The event was supported by the Ukrainian SPA School, the Association of Massage Therapists, Oksana Petryshyn School-Studio and famous massage schools of Ukraine. It was the following stage of the massage contest that took part in Ternopil (video) and its finalists represented Ternopil in the capital. The TNMU students were among them.

Valeria Kondratiuk, Oksana Cherniakova and Nazarii Hapia, the students of the Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy specialty, enjoyed the privilege of taking part in the finals, as well as Mariana Bykh, the student of the Body Line School. Our winners presented high skills in the techniques of “Fiery back”, royal fire massage under the “Oriental Practices” program, therapeutic and rehabilitation vacuum massage with rye bread (author’s technique by Associate Professor of the Department of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy and Physical Education of TNMU ), as well as the program “Non-traditional massage techniques” and “Therapeutic massage”. The students of TNMU gained the affection of the audience and the jury.


Daria Popovych, Natalia Davybida and Oksana Petryshyn were awarded with acknowledgment certificates for organizing and preparing the first qualifying contest “Capital Cup”, which took place in Ternopil. The diplomas of the winners in various nominations were awarded to the students of TNMU: Valeria Kondratiuk, Oksana Cherniakova and Nazarii Hapia, who study at the Faculty of Medicine, Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy specialty.

The aim of this event was promotion of traditional and non-traditional massage techniques, demonstration of various massage techniques and practices, sharing experience among masseurs, gaining new knowledge and improvement of professional skills for massage practitioners of Ukraine.

We would like to pay attention to our models, who were together with our nominees all the way. They are Olesia Ivasiuk and Olesia Halyniak, the students of I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy specialty. The TNMU students of the Faculty of Medicine, Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy specialty, improved their expertise in various types of massage. The learning and training program of Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy consist of disciplines of Massage and Self-Massage, Rehabilitation Massage, Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Massage and Non-Traditional Types of Massage. During the contest, all participating students improved their knowledge and skills in various massage techniques and presented their expertise as well.

This event took place within the Erasmus+ project “Innovative Rehabilitation Education – Introduction of new master’s degree programs in Ukraine 2018-2021” (REHAB).


Human health has always been the greatest value, as well as the profession of masseur has always been one of the most humane and necessary professions in the society. A masseur works with no holidays and weekends, requires a lot of personal patience, courage and sensitivity.

With their tireless work, masseurs present their professionalism, endurance and dedication. Their knowledge and experience facilitate bringing people back to a full life, and with their sensitive hands massage therapists give hope for recovery.

Masseur is an exceptional vocation, because humanism and sensitivity, readiness to be useful at all times are the basic principles of people in the medical profession.

The article was prepared by Professor Daria Popovych, Associate Professor Natalia Davybida and was originally posted on