ENPHE information

European Network of Physiotheraphy in Higher Education


We had the pleasure to have Maija Kangasperko from the ENPHE executive board and gave some information at the Warsaw meeting.

There are 33 countries as members, that representation of education, giving a wide picture of the situation of physiotherapy education.

WCPT is connected with ENPHE through specific roles and joined goals

In most countries, the entry level is at the Bachelor Level (only UK and Ukraine has the ‘assistant level’).

At the end of 2017, a professional competencies list has been published, including ESCO (European Skills, competences, qualifications and occupations of the European commission) with definitions for roles and the competencies

  • Physiotherapists Assistants (pre-higher education) – EQF 5
  • Physiotherapists (Bachelor) – EQF 6
  • Advanced Physiotherapists (Master) – EQF 7

The link to this document can is seen below



Other countries have since updated their core competencies to reflect on this document. For example, in Finland the guide was updated (in English).

More details can be found from ENPHE WEBSITE