Timeline for Physical Therapist Qualification in Ukraine

Regulation of Physical Therapist Qualification

  • Ministry of Economics August 18th 2016, Order #1328 –
    • Implementing professional title of Physical Therapist as a title that is classified as a profession.
  • Ministry of Health November 07, 2016, Order #1171 –
    • Qualification characteristics
  • Ministry of Education, December 19, 2018. Order #1419 –
    • Minimum competency requirements to PT-OT at bachelor level (Standard of higher education)
  • Ministry of Education, TBC –
    • Minimum competency requirements to PT at master level (standard of higher education)
  • Individual University, TBC –
    • Education program and curriculum

Standard of higher education

A set of requirements for the content and outcomes at each level of higher education with each specialty (Law of Ukraine “on higher education”)

  • General (level, forms of education, description of subject area)
  • Length of study (ECTS credits), requirements to preliminary education. (Length of clinical practices)
  • List of competencies of the graduate
  • Mandatory learning outcomes that should be achieved
  • Assessment
  • Requirements to internal quality assurance system
  • Requirements of professional standards (if any)

Information about the specific competencies from ENPHE