Third international meeting within the framework of the REHAB project

On October 21-26, 2019, the meeting of the working group and teachers was held within the framework  of Erasmus ₊ programe : Project “Innovative Rehabilitation Education – Introduction of New Master Degree Programs in Ukraine” (REHAB) in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The work of the Steering Committee and training of teachers of four Ukrainian universities was organized on the basis of the Lithuanian Sports University. Lviv State University of Physical Culture named after Ivan Boberskyj was represented by the Lead expert of the International Relations Department Mariana Babich and associate professors of the Department of Physical Therapy and Occupational therapy Liubov Tsizh and Kateryna Tymruk-Skoropad.
During the first two days was presented the status of the planned project tasks, discuss urgent issues and plan next steps. The structure of the university, educational buildings, research laboratories and a modern library were introduced at Lithuanian Sports University .
One of the main issues discussed was the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for Ukrainian universities. Mariana Babych spoke on the issue. Associate Professor Kateryna Tymruk-Skoropad presented the new two-year Master’s Degree Program in Physical Therapy, introduced from this academic year at LSUPC .
Teachers’ internships included lectures and practical classes in the fields of Physical Therapy in Sport, Adaptive Physical Education, Public Health (Lecture on Diabetes and Obesity), Biokinetic and Electrophysiology. All lectures and practicals were prepared on the basis of modern scientific research with the analysis of the latest data on the topic presented.
The meeting with the head of the master’s program in physical therapy was held on the organization of master’s studies, the curriculum, requirements and preparation of master’s works, the organization of clinical practice of students. In particular, Duration of the Master’s Degree Program in Physical Therapy at the Lithuanian Sports University  is  2 years and consists of 120 credits, 30 of which are allocated for the writing of the Master’s program.
Student work takes an average of 10% of the total amount allocated to the module. Other time is devoted to independent work of students, preparation for classes, completion of tasks, etc. The Master’s level curriculum consists of 9 modules (10 credits each), three modules per year: “Modern Rehabilitation Technologies”, “Scientific Evidence-Based Physical Therapy and Differential Diagnostics”, “Biokinetic and Electrophysiology”, “Methodology and Statistics in Biomedical Research” »,« Innovative and research projects »,« Biology of musculoskeletal system and genetics »,« Sports physiotherapy »,« Advanced technologies of neuromuscular physical therapy »,« Tele-rehabilitation, robotization and virtual reality ».
On the last day of stay in Lithuania, we visit the private institution of sanatorium health and rehabilitation “Egle”, in Birštonas, which in addition to a huge number of wellness procedures is famous for rehabilitation departments and modern diagnostic equipment.
We are grateful for the warm welcome and high level of organization of the project participants from the Lithuanian Sports University – Rector Diana Rėklaitienė and Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Jūratė Požėrienė.

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